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Time is precious, make it count.

While some reviewers don't even look at the cover letters, others consider it equally as important as the resume.

Why? Because it's so easy to get professional help with a resume that it isn't necessarily a true reflection of the candidate's style.

A cover letter that is customized to the position and hiring company is a better indicator of the candidate's written communication ability. That said, your cover letter will receive only a few seconds of attention, so make it easy for the reviewer to zero in on what you want to convey.

As with resumes, there is not one right way to proceed with a cover letter. Our preferred style follows, but by all means, go with whatever is comfortable to you.

One of the peripheral advantages of this method is it forces you to take a hard look at how well you are suited to the position. That doesn't mean you must meet 100% of the requirements with to-die-for accomplishments and experience. But if you are way off base, save your time and energy for another, more realistic effort.
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