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The Process of Working with a Recruiter                               

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All recruiters work a little differently. Here's how it works with us.

  First, the two-way street part:
  CONFIDENTIALITY is a huge candidate concern.
  • We never submit a candidate to a potential employer without the candidate's permission.
  TRUST is a huge issue for us.
  • If we entrust you with the name of the hiring company, please do not go directly to the hiring company to submit your resume, or to someone you know at the company to trigger an in-house referral fee for your friend.
OK, now that those two issues are covered, let's move forward together.

YOUR resume
Whether you find a position of interest on our website, or we find you through our research, we will need an up-to-date version of your resume, sent to us by e-mail.
Other information that helps us help you...
Urgency of your job search
Willingness to relocate, and if so, where
Your salary requirements (base/incentive) Acceptable percentage of overnight travel
Company car or car allowance Preference of manufacturer, distributor or rep group
Areas of specialty, e.g., fire service, fall protection, etc. Preference of product or service
Your style, e.g., bulldog vs. consultative, hunter vs. farmer, etc. Your career goals
Avoid personal references. Supervisors, co-workers and people who reported to you are more meaningful.

Before the interview
We will provide you with information on where, when, and with whom you will meet, or, if it's a phone interview, who you will talk with and when to expect the call.
After the interview
You are requested to call us to give us your feedback, and we will give you feedback from the hiring company as soon as we have it. Sometimes travel schedules make it impossible to talk with our clients immediately following the interview.
This part of the process varies. Some of our clients prefer to call the candidate directly, some prefer that we present the offer.
Drug Tests
Some clients require drug tests, some do not. If you are required to take a drug test, you will receive information on where and when to go.
Background checks (DMV, criminal, credit, etc.)
Some clients require background checks, some do not. No background checks conducted by Niles + Associates are made without your written permission.
Resignation from your current position
We do not recommend you resign from your current position until you have received the offer letter, and have signed and returned it. Having said that, not all companies have a formal offer letter; just use sound judgment in timing your resignation.
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