How We Help Manufacturing Recruiters

There are many different ways to go about finding new employees such as a manufacturing sales manager. In today's world, searching online is one of the quickest and easiest ways of finding viable candidates.

Manufacturing recruiters use websites to post job openings, such as manufacturing sales jobs, and sort through posted resumes to find candidates. This is much quicker than waiting for candidates to submit their resumes to your company for review.

Use of the internet is great, though it can be very time consuming. And using the internet alone isnít enough. Quality recruiters for positions in manufacturing and distribution donít stop there. By being closely aligned within the industry, networking is an important component of a recruiterís approach. They actively network, source and research candidates within the marketplace.

Another important factor to consider is the best, most efficient use of your hiring authorityís time. Reviewing resumes that have not been prequalified, making initial screening calls to candidates, coordinating schedules, interview times and locations all take your managerís focus off basic duties of keeping business on track, managing and coaching employees, making important calls at end user locations, etc.

By employing the use of a recruiter for manufacturing and distribution positions, you save the opportunity cost of recruiting and improve your profitability.

Recruiting a Manufacturing Sales Manager

Finding good potential employees is only the first step. Continued mutual interest must be cultivated. Itís important to establish congruent personal goals of the candidate with the expectations of the company. The salary and incentives need to be discussed in detail, and if there are any issues with non-compete clauses, they have to be addressed.

A recruiter such as Niles + Associates assists in this process and keeps lines of communication open between the hiring authority and the manufacturing sales manager candidate.

Once manufacturing recruiters find a suitable applicant, it is common practice to start with phone interviews to learn more about this potential employee. Phone interviews are frequently conducted with several members of the hiring team.

Phone interviews are followed by face to face interviews when there is mutual interest to continue the process. Schedules need to be coordinated and travel arrangement made when necessary. Job recruiters will help arrange interviews, both phone and face to face.

When a hiring company is ready to make a job offer, some prefer to do so directly to candidates; others prefer to make offers through the job recruiter who can be helpful in negotiations.

Hiring companies also frequently conduct reference checks, or request the reference checks be done by the job recruiter. Niles + Associates also makes arrangements for background checks of all kinds, such as criminal, DMV, credit, etc.

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