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Niles + Associates features many different resources for both employers and job seekers. If you're looking for distributor sales jobs, manufacturing sales jobs, marketing positions, and executive level employment, you'll find a number of different job postings on our site, though not all opportunities are posted online. All of these jobs are opportunities from businesses looking to expand the workforce or replace an employee who has left the company. Our industrial recruiting service is aimed at specific niche markets and positions, such as a manufacturing sales manager. Once we have qualified a candidate and established interest in the position, the resume is submitted directly to the hiring authority.

We strive to assist companies and individuals alike with finding that perfect match. In addition to listing open positions on its website, Niles + Associates also provides a large amount of information for employers and candidates alike, including guidelines for writing job descriptions, interview tips from employer and candidate perspectives, resume tips, preparing cover letters, dealing with counter offers from employer and candidate perspectives, and the process of working with a recruiter from employer and candidate perspectives.

Why Use an Industrial Recruiting Service?

You might think you can fill those open manufacturing sales jobs yourself without the use of manufacturing recruiters, and you'd be quite correct. It's possible to put out a call for resumes in local papers and search online for candidates yourself. However, using an industrial recruiting service simply makes the entire process more efficient and cost-effective. All manufacturing industry candidates are screened based on your guidelines and needs. Your time is spent interviewing only the best. We'll even take care of any pre-hiring checks, like references, DMV, credit or background checks.

There are very specific federal regulations in regard to reference and background checks. The candidate must provide written permission before the checks commence. Adverse findings that affect hiring decisions must be made available to the candidate. At Niles + Associates we have found even some large corporations are not fully attuned to the federal regulations.

Hiring companies are wise to play it safe by trusting this phase of the hiring process to an industrial recruiting service such as Niles + Associates.

Everything Niles + Associates does is to meet your needs. We're flexible, respectful, and ready to discuss all aspects of the screening, interviewing, and hiring process with you.

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