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The world of personal protective equipment is one of the most vital in today's workplace. PPE not only makes work areas safe, it is regulated by such agencies as OSHA, NIOSH. MSHA and NFPA. Safety equipment must meet rigid quality standards and safety procedures in industry to assure a safe working environment. PPE recruiters such as Niles + Associates, the industry leader, seek candidates who are knowledgeable and experienced in the PPE industry.

There are few recruiting firms in the US that focus as intently on on safety industry jobs or the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) industry as Niles + Associates. Of those, Niles + Associates offers the deepest and longest connections. Herb Niles worked in the industry for over 20 years, serving in critical capacities such as Vice President, Sales and Marketing in both manufacturing and distribution settings.

Product safety jobs in the industrial arena are a great way to contribute to keeping America’s workforce safe. Some manufacturers provide a wide array of products in multiple categories, others focus exclusively on a few categories, or even a single category.

Product knowledge is critical when working for a manufacturer or distributor. The industry holds many trade shows each year for companies to highlight their products and introduce innovative improved products. The National Safety Congress (NSC) is held each autumn in the US. Herb Niles has been attending NSC for 32 years, keeping current with the players and the industry trends.

Product Safety Jobs

The focus of Niles + Associates recruiting encompasses jobs in PPE and the broad industry as a whole.

Niche markets for product safety jobs include PPE, Safety Equipment, Fire Service, Homeland Security, Emergency Preparedness, Hazmat, Critical Environments, Gas Detection, First Responder and Industrial MRO.

Product categories include Respiratory Equipment, Fall Protection, Protective Clothing, Gas Detection, Hand Protection, Thermal Imaging, Eye and Face Protection, Hearing Protection and Industrial B2B.

Industries include Petrochem, Fire Departments, Law Enforcement, Manufacturing Plants, Construction, Municipalities, Government Entities, Oil and Gas, Industrial Gas, Cleanroom, Semi Conductor and Industrial B2B.

Job Recruiters

Our goal at Niles Associates, Inc. is to work with both employers and job candidates as a recruitment center. As PPE recruiters, we actively seek out candidates who are qualified and knowledgeable about personal protective equipment and workplace safety. Working with job recruiters, especially those niche job recruiters like Niles + Associates, saves employers the opportunity cost of recruiting, while candidates have the prospect of enhancing their careers.

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