Looking for Safety Industry Jobs?

The health and safety industry is vibrant. Individuals are needed to fill critical safety industry jobs. If you're participating in a safety job search and looking for a position in this industry, Niles + Associates offers many different resources such as:

Importantly, we are well connected in the industry and are therefore know what is going on behind the scenes.

Our goal a job recruiter, is to facilitate communications and connections between candidates and hiring companies, matching candidate skills and talents with employers’’ specific hiring needs. From start to finish, Niles + Associates participates to make the process as smooth, efficient and comfortable as possible for all parties.

We partner with the hiring company and get to know candidates for jobs in safety and health and product safety jobs through in depth conversations about their experience, skills and career goals. Niles + Associates respects the time of everyone involved so both candidates and employers know that if we recommend you get together, there is a viable connection.

When we are contacted by a candidate whose experience is too far out of our realm, we state we are not the best source.

If it’s appropriate, hiring companies may be presented with candidates at differing levels of experience and price points. It’s not uncommon for hiring companies to present us with an extensive wish list, only to find that candidates fitting that profile are way over budget. Likewise, we may find a superstar whose salary requirements are beyond what our client wants to pay; that candidate may be submitted to give our client the choice to stretch for greater chances of future returns.

All of this is part of our personalized service to both hiring companies and candidates. We always appreciate receiving candidate resumes for current or future opportunities.

Available Jobs in Safety and Health

Niles + Associates assures your confidentiality and never submits a candidate to a hiring authority without the candidate’s permission The jobs in safety and health available through Niles + Associates are professional positions that offer great career opportunities with manufacturers and distributors in the important industrial arena of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We know the industry, what these positions require, and will work with you to find the safety industry jobs that fit with your experience and abilities, matching your job goals to available positions.

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