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A safety job search on the internet yields thousands of hits. Working with a recruiter closely aligned with PPE manufacturers and distributors will make your job search more efficient than trying to sort though each posting individually. Niles + Associates' PPE recruiters understand the industrial safety industry and enjoys strong contacts with hiring authorities, placing candidates throughout the United States. Jobs in PPE are listed on the website,, and even better, with the company’s close connections in the industrial safety industry, you increase your chances of learning about jobs that are not posted, but are potentially available for the right candidate. If you are taking part in a safety job search, take advantage of Niles + Associates’ vast network and 14 years of experience placing candidates in the industrial safety industry.

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What Are Jobs in PPE?

Most of the positions available through Niles + Associates are for sales and marketing personnel, working for industrial manufacturers and distributors.

Distributors carry lines from multiple manufacturers, who assist with product training and end user calls. Product knowledge is essential for distributor sales people, who in turn help train end users on proper application of safety equipment in the workplace.

Manufacturers for the most part sell their products through industrial distributors, though some sell directly to end users. The salesperson from the manufacturer works closely with the distributors, and along with management, makes recommendations on the distribution network. The manufacturer’s salesperson also makes end user calls, both solo to promote pull through selling and in partnership with the distributor sales personnel. He or she is also directly involved in product training at the distributor and end user levels.

Marketing positions are focused on positioning and promoting the company, developing marketing campaigns, and working closely with product development. Information a marketing manager receives from the “feet on the street” is applied to the company strategies to increase market share.

Niles + Associates posts many job opportunities in the Personal Protective Equipment industry and can help you learn if a PPE position is right for you. Jobs in PPE offer an opportunity to work in an industry that helps keep workers safe. Working with Niles + Associates is the best way to conduct your safety job search. We value talented candidates and appreciate working with them in the job search.

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