Creating an Outstanding Sales Manager Resume

The quality of a candidateís resume is supremely important, for itís your first opportunity to differentiate yourself from the crowd. The more you know about the hiring company and what it is looking for, the better you can customize your qualifications to match the experience and skills that will meet the employerís needs.

For example, if you are targeting executive jobs in manufacturing, highlight your previous experience at this level, along with other relevant work performance details. Your sales manager resume will be one of many in front of the hiring authority. Make yours stand out. Make it easy for recruiters and a hiring manager to quickly grasp how youíll benefit the organization.

The use of bullet points on a resume is a desired format, while prose is unlikely to be read. Remember, you literally have seconds to get past the first review of your resume. A job headhunter, recruiters and hiring company executives are very skilled in quickly appraising the content of a resume.

As a general rule, though, job recruiters view resumes with increased scrutiny. Hiring managers and HR personnel have a tendency to dismiss a resume that isnít right on target. Quality recruiters are reading carefully for you could be a valuable candidate for multiple positions, both now and in the future.

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Finding Good Executive Jobs in Manufacturing

While an outstanding resume will get you far when looking around for excellent jobs, it's always in a candidate's best interest to make sure that they learn as much as they can about the field in which they are seeking a job. Be proactive. Do your research. Learn about the industry, itís products, current trends and the leading companies in the field. A sales manager resume should include achievement specifics, such as the percentage of sales increase, how profit margins were attained, business development strategies, etc.

This advice applies also to a candidate seeking executive jobs in manufacturing. Know the industry. If your experience is outside the industry, make your case for your valuable crossover skills and experience. Fresh insights and exposure from other industries and be a huge benefit to a hiring company. This is unlikely, however to be a viable approach if the hiring company is seeking someone with extensive contacts in the field.

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