Sales and Marketing Resume - the Importance

When seeking a sales or marketing position, your resume is the first window the potential employer has to view your qualifications. Your sales and marketing resume is critical as the first step in selling yourself to someone you've never met. This is why it's imperative to modify your sales executive or sales manager resume to align with the job requirements, matching your skills to those sought by the hiring company. Do not simply list job functions; itís important to show concrete achievements under your job functions. When sales recruiting firms or sales headhunters read over your sales and marketing resume for the first time, they will get a good picture of how you fit into their clientsí overall plans and how you can help execute specific strategies.

Do not include salary information on your resume but be prepared to discuss your salary history and goals with the recruiter. This will help the recruiter zone in on the best opportunities for you.

Niles + Associates also does not recommend adding references to the body of your resume. Once mutual interest has been established, you may make the references available to the recruiter and the hiring company.

When preparing your resume, be sure to omit personal information that is not relevant to the positions you are seeking. EEOC regulations prohibit hiring decisions based on protected classes such as race and gender unless it is integral to the job requirements.

Going Through Outside Parties - Employment Headhunters

Many businesses, including manufacturers and distributors, especially those who work in highly specialized or unique fields like Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), regularly rely on a third party to qualify candidates. Both parties benefit: a trust relationship is built to work together in finding the best candidates. The recruiting firm serves as an extension of the hiring companyís HR department, with all energy focused on sourcing the best candidates to meet hiring needs. The recruiter understands the requirements and the company culture, thereby being able to present candidates that are already qualified and are interested in the position.

Hiring managersí time is freed to attend to business so itís efficient use of resources.

These third parties are often referred to as employment headhunters.

Why use Sales Recruiting Firms?

Both employers and job seekers find it advantageous to use the services of executive recruiting firms or sales recruiting firms like Niles + Associates. Anyone seeking employment within a highly specialized field can easily miss out on opportunities by not working with a niche recruiting agency. By working with specialized recruiters, you'll find employment headhunters familiar with the companies in the niche industries such as PPE. Youíll have access to sales and marketing positions with many firms, and for which you are highly qualified. It saves you the time of visiting multiple sites to learn what is available.

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